Chuck Anziulewicz
Or you could simply was your dishes, glasses, and silverware in the SINK like everyone else who doesn't have a dishwasher. And trust me, you'll get everything a lot cleaner than that little spritzer.
for the first-world countries (which judging by the marble counter-tops in the pitch video, I'd say is their target market)... just buy a counter-top electric dish-washer that plugs into your faucet.
Best $230 I ever spent.
Bob Shock
If you had a large dog, you could train him to lick off the dishes and get better results, plus the only waste would be something you have to clean up anyway!
Gavin Roe
I am thinking you could replace the handle with an electric motor to operate the pump and spay nozzles then you have a much larger market place
If I have just 3 plates, 2 cups and a few forks to clean I can do it by hand. The point of a dishwasher is large capacity and this thing does not even have medium capacity. On top of that it is imo a horrendous looking thing.
I can see this as a viable engineering experiment for a class or something but do not see this as a viable real world solution. Sure it works, but it does not address an actual existing problem.
A person in need of space or electricity is likely focused on other issues rather than having a machine to was dishes.
With all the valid comments below, the shiny and clear acrylic housing ain't gonna look so nice and new after only a half dozen washes.
Using sodium acetate to 'heat the water and help with the cleansing process'? How does that benefit ecology/environment/energy consumption? This is a wholly unnecessary gadget, that fails to consider the whole life cycle of the material from which it is made, and what it consumes in use. Today's electric dishwashers are low in terms of water, detergent and energy used per plate, and if run full are very efficient. If you have a small household, wash up in a bowl or use a small dishwasher. It will also last longer than this.
I have a hand powered dish washer, it is called my hands. When used with a "sink", water and soap my process can clean even odd shaped utensils, deep glasses and will remove burned food from pans, all manually. Amazing.
The primary advantage of using a real dish washer is how hot the water gets. Even if the dish isn't clean looking, you know it is sterile. This, not so much.