Doc Rock
Whaa? EC designing a Ferrari?.. Where was Jeff (who actually KNOWS cars) all this time? WTF?
Frankly, i am totally confounded.. hey I too can play a mean axe.. can I run your Mega Corp for a year?
no that's how the 458 should have looked!
those c-pillars are a masterpiece.
Demian Alcazar
that's just a 308 dropped on top of a 458, and it should have happened a long time ago!!! that's a gorgeous car!
Wow! Italia meets Berlinetta Boxer!!
Beautiful and classic-
You've got me on my knees.
Hilarious, a guy who sang for a living gets a car "designed" for him. A car which looks like a tarted up 458, you know something a mob boss from Russia would drive.
What a transparent bit of marketing. Better a hot rod some guy builds with his own hands than this piece of drivel. (Having worked on ferrari's and charged a mint for the service, ferrari is a truly over valued brand)
Alan Mudd
Eric Clapton is SO... STINKING... WEALTHY! And the best part of this (for him) is that he can put 50,000 miles and still sell the car at a profit, because it's "Eric Clapton's Ferrari." BTW, it really is a gorgeous car. Carry on, Eric...
Charlie Channels
I wonder what the horn souds like....probably EC will be able to choose between some of his classic riffs.
I doubt that EC did much more than lend his name and suspect the most satisfying part for him was cashing the cheque.
John Parkes
Classy, just as you might expect from Clapton...if not rock stars. It looks like some deign cues came from Porsche, but that could just be me, i do see some there though.
Give me a 250-275 LM any day d'-teehe)