Kyle Baker
Michael Gene
I would think sovereign nations will have take serious issue with them touching even a disabled/obsolete satellite not to mention at $5000 or so to put a Kilo into orbit this idea seems a wee bit wasteful.
Brian Maxwell
Theres a anime called "PlanetES", based entirely on this. Check the trailer, its a good series.
does anyone else think that if the grappling device resembles an arcade claw machine as it does in the photo above they might as well give up the project now?
It seems to me that putting a satellite into a retro-grade orbit with a big electromagnet and ion engine would be more effective, especially against the smaller harder to see and avoid debris. .............................................................................................................................
re; tgongol
Lets see, four arms instead of three, appropriately sized for the target. Nope, no resemblance what so ever.
Lets see... the US has put most of the junk up there but the Swiss are willing to clean it up (somewhat). However, the US does nothing about it. (except continue to put more junk up there) What is wrong with this picture?
Star Wars here we come. How long before some rogue nation makes one to take another\'s satellite out of service? :-)
Dawar Saify
There sending more junk up there to clean up, clearly a reusable platform has to be used, not wasting flight after flight how many? 10 000 flights, this is ridiculous, how could they even think of this. What\'s going on? A reusable platform can shoot down satellites, or release and attach small rockets which guide the object down. Or in one go send atleast 20 such cleaning satellites.
re; Pres
The USofA has been working to minimize the new debris generated since the 1980s and has been looking for cost effective ways to remove debris from orbit.
@ Pres, stop thinking we're the cause of the entire planet's problems. Read this and pipe-down: You better pray to God you don't have a smart phone, satellite tv, or use Google Maps.
Added to that: countries hire NASA and other agencies around all parts of the world to help with their research since they cannot afford an entire launch mission (understandably). Pay 1/32 of the cost to get all the information you wanted without paying billions because multiple nations chipped in, and you now have an affordable one-off space program. USA/NASA is only a small part of the entire missions sent up; funded by various people/countries. "What's wrong with this picture?" What's wrong is that everyone like YOU who takes a shot at America is just following a trend, riding the bandwagon, and never looks at their own life/country first. Just think if we said that our country will no longer be the "World Police" that everyone says we are, and no longer helped anyone ever again... THEN what would everyone say? I'm not saying my country is perfect, but the moment you think America is the worst place on Earth and responsible for everyone's problems and never bother to look at your own past, is the day you publicly prove your own ignorance.