Rusty Harris
And, when I can buy it at "Walmart" or "Amazon" I might think about it, but, if it comes out as a "startup" thingy, forget it.
Gregg Eshelman
Make one that looks and flies like the one in the Tom Selleck Sci-Fi movie "Runaway". Tiangle shaped, central, ducted propellers, cameras and other sensors all around.
Has anyone made a drone that has a helium chamber? Enough to compensate the weight of the battery and motors but still maneuverable and not too light so that it's not affected much from wind buffeting?
Seems to me that would work (and increase the life of the battery charge). Someone must have thought of this, right?
easy to figure out the propulsion system, as there really is only one way to produce vectoring effects
Paul Anthony
I like the form of this!
Bruce H. Anderson
This could be like a smaller version of the Fleye.
The "control surfaces" that "create a thrust-vectoring effect" could be something radical like flaps.
It doesn't look to be very fast, no doubt due to the "thrust vectoring" as well. But for security work, like making rounds, that may not be a problem.
It is interesting that they were concerned about noise, yet the only noise in the video is music.
It is "in" the future, probably as Kickstarter/Indiegogo thing, but it is not "of" the future.
1 foot diameter helium balloon provides 0.03 lbs of lift 2 foot diameter helium balloon provides 0.27 lbs of lift
Such create too much drag.
You're right it does not sound like other drones. It sounds like loud, cheesy elevator music.
Where do I buy a couple??
Must be Canadian... Looks like a hockey puck!!
I would have liked to hear how loud the thing actually is, without that cheesy music in the way.