hummer boy
where is the engine compartment? if its not UNDER , it will suffer the same consequences as the "millieum Jet". good luck flying, seems like a good project.
This is where all this is heading. Fantastic job. You could send a person on a flight and control it from the ground. Can't wait to see future follow ups.
Bob Flint
Will it include a parachute for both rider, & vehicle?
Bill Bennett
@Bob, just the vehicle, the rider went through the propellers causing the crash
surely it would make more sense to sit under the thing, not on it?
Mel Tisdale
I assume that it is completely 'fly-by-wire' with stability maintenance built into the flight algorithm. If so then the only danger is something falling off the rider into the fans, such as a video camera, or a bird strike. Whatever it is would dramatically increase the much vaunted clearances between the fans and their housings! Unfortunately, working on the 'if it can happen, it will happen' principle, this eventuality will have to be catered for in the design This will both add weight and impede the airflow somewhat, probably to an unacceptable level, assuming that it is even possible, of course.
As for a parachute, well, it would need to be explosively deployed to get it through the intake airflow and clear of the rotors, three of which might not only still be functioning, but also at full throttle in an attempt to maintain stability.
I think Mr Malloy would find development of the drone version far more lucrative than continuing with the uphill battle to get the manned version operational, especially seeing just how popular drones are today, particularly with the military. Let's face it, one death because of a loose flight map falling into one of the rotors and all the hard work would come to naught in an instant with a CAA or NTSB grounding. That would a tragedy for the pilot and a shame for the venture.
Art Toegemann
This will need radar and computer to pilot the swarm.
Jay Finke
This is stuff you dream about when you are a kid, but then, you grow up and relies it's a pipe dream, and probably dangerous as H-E double toothpicks
Nelson Hyde Chick
And other than be a toy for the 1% what real function could something like this have? None!
Stephen N Russell
Love to see developed & then mass produced.