Don't know what they are thinking here. Over time, normal concrete already absorbs carbon dioxide.
How about today's CO2 may become tomorrow's transportation fuel: This facility makes methanol (CH3OH) from CO2 and water. Methanol can be made into dimethyl ether (DME), which is an excellent diesel fuel. Methanol can also be made into gasoline (Mobil process).
sssoooooo, in order to ... suck our enough co2 to "fix" climate change, what are we going to do, cover the world with cement.... more than it already is???? Maybe, if it wasn't SSSSOOOOO covered with cement... we would be just a tad better off.... Why is it that people just do not get it.... it doesn't matter what new "gimmick" ya come up with.... technology won't fix it.... because that takes fossil fuels in the first place... and the amount it, might, suck up is miniscule... unless we cover the world with it... We are WAY TOO FAR BEHIND THE 8 BALL.... to try techno fixes.... THERE REALLY IS NOT FIX ANY MORE... FOLKS.... wake up... we might be able to save just a very little bit of life on the planet.... if we give up industrial civilization.... maybe... think... almost 500 nuclear power plants around the world... and what do they need?>.. STABLE POLITICAL SYSTEMS, STABLE ECONOMIC SYSTEMS... STABLE CLIMATE.... we will not have any of these.... with in a few short years... then, ..... it will get very hot.... it will not even take all 500 or so... to melt down... just a few........ more... than what already has.... melted down...
Guys, don't let yourself to be fooled. It's just a stupid April Joke! You can't find free Ca(OH)2 (calcinated lime) in the nature. You should produce it from CaCO3 (limestone), and the production process (calcination) releases CO2. So, if you use Ca(OH)2 to "capture" CO2, you can only "capture back" the anount of CO2 that was released during the production of Ca(OH)2 from CaCO3. So this whole "research" is totally useless.
Rocky Stefano
@ WandaHarding , Hey I'll meet you in that post apocalyptic world you're hoping for. Can I drive the rig with Charlize?
Rann Xeroxx
The climate is changing, it has been since there has been a climate. And a faction of a percent of a percent of human added CO2 has almost nothing to do with it.
Don't plants increase CO2 intake when there is more available? This sort of research just transfers funds to a bunch of people who perpetuate the "climate change" myth.
Today's CO2 may become tomorrow's wood! go and plant trees! haha.
Douglas Bennett Rogers
95% of the Earth's greenhouse effect is due to water vapor. The remaining 5% is almost all split between CO2 and methane. 5% of the water vapor is from human operations, mainly irrigation. About one of the 2.5% CO2 has been added by humans. Fast growing wood, such as bamboo, is the main way available to sequester CO2. Irrigation of trees is counterproductive.
Stephen N Russell
Lisc process alone, mass produce, awesome, concrete from air pollution, wild & wow.