Industrially feasability to be confirmed, and what price (silver ...) ? But seems very promising and is indeed very smart.
Kevin Ritchey
Kevin Ritchey
Now just make it pliable enough to be utilized in spacesuits and my summer clothing.
Sounds like a promising concept....... Could it be used to reflect internal heat that is lost through the external walls of a house?
Josh Coray
The silver should be cheap - they use it to make mirrors. This is basically a mirror with a really clever plastic on top. Should be extremely affordable to produce.
Bruce H. Anderson
Several days of accumulation? Since roofs are designed to last years or decades, it would be interesting to see how well it performs after a year of accumulation. And watersworm has a valid concern on industrial/commercial feasability, since the nearby stat-of-the-art white roof has an installed cost that is likely less than us$10/sqft (maybe much less).
See how well this could work out for India. Along the way toward reflecting it should be achievable and far more useful to concentrate the energy for use as process heat or to generate electricity. Doing that would make this far more useful than simply cooling buildings. Developing nations need off grid electrical power as much as keeping buildings cool. It should be even simpler and therefore cheaper to use the concentrated heat to desalinate water, process sewage or drive heat operated cooling systems along with keeping a building cool.
Douglas Bennett Rogers
Have been holding out for Dow Powerhouse shingles but this may be a better deal. Roof surface would be 30-40 F lower. Wouldn't be good inside. Need foil backed or faced wall board. This is a lot like a NASA paint that consists of a metallic film with a thin white coating, that emits poorly in the mid IR but is highly reflective in the visible.
Don Duncan
In 1987 I coated my hot black composite roof with a reflective white, ceramic impregnated compound. It lowered the temp quite a bit in the triple digit summers of N. CA. I moved 3 years later so I don't know how long the coating lasted, but I doubt it was cost effective. The cost was five times that of white paint. Also, it was quite effective on my metal garage door. If you factor in the fire resistance maybe it was worth it if I had stayed. I have wondered why this did not become widespread in hot climates. Was it due to marketing?
Douglas Bennett Rogers
Was wrong about inside. Would work like aluminum foil but look like paint.