Tom Lee Mullins
I think that is way cool. It makes a break from the traditional airplanes.
they should add counter rotating propellors to increase the efficiency
Fast Eddie
A lovely aircraft. I suggest everyone might also enjoy a search on a 1948 aircraft called Planet Satellite. This lovely British aircraft was, for its time, just as advanced looking as Cobalt's design....but let's hope Cobalt has better fortune than Planet did. A good summary is here:
Beautiful aircraft. Now I just need that lottery win!
This is hot! Like, literally, imagine sitting-in-an-enclosed-glass-bubble-in-the-direct-sunlight kind of hot!
Silly range numbers; fuel consumption would make more sense. If you replace 1 passenger with a larger fuel tank, you'll get more range of course...
Putting the propeller on the 'wrong' end is a good design point. It gives the pilot an unobstructed view, and presumably leaves a lot of the prop noise behind as well.
A major problem with pushers is erosion of the propeller. Slick aircraft, but very dated power-plant.
Fast Eddie says:
"they should add counter rotating propellors to increase the efficiency"
And fit them to a gas turbine.
In fact, I'm surprised it hasn't one already.
Kim Patrick
I just instructed my accountant to order me one!
Christopher has it right. Very hot inside. All plastic canopy and then black exterior. I'm not a sun lover so any exposure to the sun is a negative, Possibly it is painted black to make it look sleek but sure doesn't seem practical unless flying in the Arctic and Antarctic.
Wondering about tail wandering. The old V tail Beechcraft Bonanza had a tendency to wander.
Are the seats wide or are they made for narrow hip bodies?
Where is/are the yoke(s)?