i love this guy.
Martin Winlow
I bet you are just *top* of your neighbours' Christmas card list.
You have little stability because the CoG of the machine + pilot is far too high.
With a flex-wing microlight-type connection between pilot's weight and the rest of the machine you would be very stable and be able to control direction by simply moving the machine (and therefore its thrust) about the weight of the pilot.
Why not (more) fully cage the props to stop them hitting stuff (including you!)?
Have you done the calcs to see if you have properly matched props to motor/gearbox? Just bigger props may give more lift. Otherwise you just need more efficient motors - smaller & lighter per power output. Your existing setup runs out of puff beyond the advantage given by 'ground effect'...
Please don't kill yourself - some basic motorcycle-type clothing (esp a helmet with eye protection) would be a distinct advantage - I'm sure your Mum would agree.

Wish we all are this crazy, don't hurt anybody & keep inventing. There is always a madness to creation
Paul Anthony
I love the style of this design.
Douglas Bennett Rogers
Fying in the face of helmet law!
Big fan here. Just don't dismember yourself, so you can keep coming up with these wonderfully entertaining devices.
Cool, but it seems he would have a much better time if he used the slow response twin gas engines for the main lifting force and added four (or eight) smaller, quicker responding, electric motors for fine control.
If thats not a clip on tie, then he's dumber than I thought. Having anything tied around your throat when you are working around any type of machinery is stupid.
i think ford was pretty cool for funding this.
This is one of the most interesting things I have seen in my entire life *claps* you are an Amazing inventor keep making things that are very interesting like this homemade hover bike keep being cool :)
- Cici