Vincent Najger
I almost fell off my chair when I saw its a bit faster than my old 1200. Now, the question is as innovative as it used to be or is it going to be another little niche market thing....
Tim Jones
Have I missed something here, or is this just a Linux box with an Amiga label on it? It doesn't run triPOS/AmigaDOS or Intuition, so how did it become an Amiga? For those of us that owned original, signed Amiga 1000's, this is simply a marketing gimmick set to play to our nostalgia for that wonderful computer.
C'mon Commodore, don't be just another Linux PC maker.
Actually, the question becomes will Comode Door be able to market this more effectively than they did the original Amiga, and will there be any software for the thing. Sure hope so, because my old 2000 still remains my all-time favorite computer.
The Amiga was generations ahead of Microsoft Window8 even. And that is what I would want to see if they maintained? Does the computer still have the innovative and streamlines multitasking that Windows does not?
It'll all boil down to whether it'll play BF3 on full specs with triple the frame rate needed and at what cost...
Wow , a Linux box that is twice the size of the MacMini and cost more ! I purchased a 17.3" Toshiba laptop last week from Staples and it had the latest Core i3 with 6GB RAM and 1TB HDD for $499 or 1/3rd the cost of this and you could dual boot any Linux distro easy since it had two 500GB partitions.
Gregg Eshelman
To truly simulate the old VIC-20 experience, the caps lock key should be permanently locked on. ;)
Marketing gimmick. This is not innovative at all its just a box with a sticker on.
Don Henderson
Seriously??? nah! Seriously???
Steven Murphy
Commodoer's back??..i just hope the stay around longer than last time..i have a 64,and three 1541 drives i would trade for a new C64 x