Think twice before you vaccinate anybody for anything.
This would be amazing. The common cold has got to be the most draining of all diseases on humanity.
Liposomal Vitamin C will do the same thing and more. Check it out on Youtube. You can make your own. Relatively cheap.
@Heliotropicsquirrel....sometimes the internet makes people dumber.
@Heliotropicsquirrel, think twice and then do it. We didn't eliminate measles in the Americas by washing our hands and drinking kombucha.
Who is it against vaccinations? Witches and chiropractors? I'll think twice about visiting Witches and chiropractors, thanks.
Derek Howe
I look forward to a cold-less future.
It seems to me that if you can make a vaccine with 50 types of virus, you could make one with all 100. Yes it would be more expensive. But if it weren't just astronomical I bet a lot of people would pay for it. I mean a flu shot is like 20 bucks in the US. If a cold shot was one time only and cost $500 and it worked, people would pay for that. You would be stupid not to pay for that. Even if it only prevented one or two colds a lot of people would still go for it.
I had a cold and it turned into sinus infection and it's literally 2-3 months of misery and lost work. Time to end the insanity if at all possible.
Imran Sheikh
good now do the same with HIV with relatively strong test subjects like mongoose or Sarcophilus harrisii
There is a lot easier method to prevent cold. Just desensitise your nostrils by doing "Neti Shuddhi", an Indian Yoga method. I used to be extremely sensitive to pollen and dust. When I lived in Chicago in the 70s spring played havoc with me and always had to carry a bottle of neo-synephrine nasal spray with me. After the process I haven't caught a cold in like 20 years.