My pebble is still going strong, not planning on replacing it until an amazing smart watch comes out and I don't see that happening until Apple gives android market s ideas.
not there yet, wait till 2017 or 2018 until the first smart watch has any value at all to complement or replace your smartphone or fitness tracker. until then, these smart watches are just pointless accessories.
don't believe me? just wait until you see someone with a smart watch and politely ask them about their experience and ask them how useful it is to them and in what ways does it help them to do things they don't usually get done with their smartphone.
Dude!!!! 80 pictures? For real? Never heard of spreadsheets?. I am sharing this with friend, because this is the most useless use of graphs , ever!!!
Geoff Fox
You left out the Gear 2 Neo It gives you the best mix of size, weight, functionality and price. Make and receive calls. Send and receive text. (send using S voice) Swappable bands. Fitness tracking. Sleep tracking. 2-3 day battery. Universal remote control. Song identifier (via app in the Gear store. Should also work with Gear S)
Rann Xeroxx
I liked the format of this article, it allowed me to just skip through the whole thing and only stop and read if I wanted details :)
Wondering why the Microsoft band is not included? Its a pretty good contender, will work with all three of the major mobile OSs, has voice, etc. and the most sensors. Not suggesting its better but its better then some of these.
I'm still using a SonySmartwatch 1.0 as my phone is a Droid Pro+ running Gingerbread. I agree with exodous that there are not many advantages to these new watches. The most useful attribute is the buzzer to alert me to calendar entries and emails that have just arrived, and also to tell me if I have forgotten to take my phone. Smartwatch 1.0 does that well enough. To be honest, I never use any other features.
Kalides Evony
yes, seems like MS band should have been in here. it is a very nice, sleek, and small smart watch...
Is there an image in the article that shows the name of each watch against an image of that watch? If there is, I couldn't find it. Are we supposed to know, or infer that critical piece of information?
I still think the Samsung Gear 2 has some of the handiest features, the remote control, camera, and of course the phone. Plus all the standard features. Surprisingly I find one of the most useful features is the infared remote control.
Any chance you can update this article to include the Sony Smartwatch 3? It has some interesting features (e.g., 3G radio, WiFi, etc).