Bob M
.. our new car? ...
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Well look it is coming to this country this coming year. a car to run on compress air, and you can tell the oil compies to take a hike and keep all that gas money in your saving account. It is about time. So read it an rejoice. This has been around for a long time. Enrico Granse
Dan Allen
I\'m cheerfully optimistic about these cars! But realistically I know its going to be difficult to deal with the oil conglomerates. Even if the car makes it to the market, they will probably find ways to hinder or destroy the Air car. Probably by preventing gas stations from purchasing the air compressing stations. IMO the hybrids were an acceptable compromise to their profits, because either way we are stuck using oil.
*Crosses fingers hoping I\'m wrong
Ernest Langmaid
I will believe this when I see it. This car has been promised for years now, and as I believe compressed air tech will never make it, I think after all the beat ups that it will never happen! The compression required is near impossible to obtain economically. A standard garage air compressor delivering 160 psi uses heaps of electricity, imagine what a compressor pumping out 1400 psi would cost to run and maintain, makes no sense at all.
Mark Mitsch
Dan Allen:
Makes no sense at all???
You can buy a \"personal\" 5,000 psi compressor for around $3K for filling SCUBA tanks (to around 3,000 psi) that you can stick in your garage. This technology has been around for decades.
Ernest Langmaid
Dan, I have been selling commercial air compressors from my automotive machinery company for years, and know what I am talking about.
Although you can put a lot of pressure in to a small scuba tank, (again with enormous energy loss through heat) try doing that quickly and cheaply in tanks of the size fitted to these cars. It\'s laughable!
Ernest Langmaid
You forgot to mention that this and the bigger model were originally scheduled for release 3 years ago now! It wont happen.
Keith Aderholdt
My full sized Compressed Natural Gas van stores it\'s fuel at 3000 psi, most systems are 3600 psi and at $2/gas gallon equivalent I would describe it as economically viable. Now if we could stop fracturing shale for the gas and ramp up biogas production we would a little better off, it\'s always something though isn\'t it which I guess is a lot of what this site is about. I like the little air cars and late or not they look like a welcome break from oil.
A vapor, I mean airware. 2010 is now. Where is my air car? Only links to Zero Pollution evaporated.
matthew.rings = \"404 not found\"... that doesn\'t bode well if they can\'t even afford to pay the $99 a year to keep a static webpage going.