This horrible ruling cannot be allowed to stand. Think of it: each and every authoritarian regime in the world has veto power over everyone in the world?!?! The "free and open" internet is in grave danger.
Internet (WWW) was created for advancement of humanity but today it is full of extremely harmful content, which should/must be illegal globally & cleaned up globally (since internet content access is global)! This case clearly shows/reminds us that there is a huge need to make global internet content cleanup law(s) thru UN!!!

The best thing Facebook can do is just ignore it, as the EU has no power to enforce such a ruling outside of Europe.
Why in the world does anyone care what's said/posted on social media? This is a law protecting idiots from themselves.
Now imagine a situation where (perhaps as part of a defamation settlement) a court in country A orders someone to post a statement that a court in country B determines is "equivalent" to some post it has declared unlawful. Suddenly an entire server farm will be devoted to nothing but deleting and reposting the same content, and you'll have to be reading during the right millisecond window to see it.
Facebook and Google already censor conservative views. They cannot claim to be protectors of free speech.
I would like to see them police this ruling! It is simply NOT going to be upheld by any court outside any given country.
This is nonsense. The Eu is clearly exceeding its jurisdiction, and can go and take a hike.
Gregg Eshelman
"...forces internet companies into a position of policing speech in ways that decidedly stamp on freedom of expression."

As opposed to how Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc already stamp on *conservative* freedom of expression? The EU is going too far left wing for left wing Zuckerberg?
FB36. You the guy to decide how to clean it up?