Leonard Foster Jr
No freewheel Fail
Not for sale eh? Pity.
I want one!
I like how cool and retro it is. I think they did a great job in designing and making it. Perhaps it might inspire a company to make them?
Wonder if the relocated seat, which is further back and further down than an original penny farthing is enough to correct the tendency to fire it's rider over the handlebars in the event of a sudden stop or pothole?
On the whole I applaud BASF for this marketing focused design effort but the actual bike is just as unsafe as the original pennyfarthing. When, Not IF, the bike stumbles the rider becomes a ballistic projectile. The higher you are from the ground the harder you fall and the more stuff you get to hit on the way to the ground. They should redo this design study with a conventional form factor, i.e., the original English Safety Bicycle. Also they should team up with at least one, but preferably several actual bike makers to produce an innovative design that actually can be manufactured at an affordable price. Entertaining toys like this are a waste of materials and time. The point should be to introduce innovations that actually aid society. Additionally, focus on making stuff in places where it will sell. Not to fault the Chinese, but we cannot have a modern stable society if pretty much everything is made by offshore serfs.
Somebody is missing the boat here. I would have ordered one of those immediately, but it's not for sale. Guess I keep my money for now.
It's called a "penny-farthing" because the back tire is small like a penny, and the front tire is big like a farthing. My 10 year old boy told me that, I didn't realize he had even heard of old bikes like that!
Darin Selby
Plastic crap, and is nothing like the original.
can't wait to see some stunts. pop a mono...