Ok it is cool looking but how does the price compare to other luxury SUV?
So nice. The styling is so "tough".
Anthony Rice
This doesn't scream "steal me" or "run that coin down the side of my un-armoured paint job" at all..
Volodya Kotsev
Nice, eh? I believe it could and should be a lot more aerodynamic... Fuel consumption is always important, even essential. If we're not trying to frighten anyone, it could very well be ...white on the outside! I generally like the (variable?) air/hydraulic suspension very much... provided that both differentials could be lifted together with the chassis... Yes, I believe that the chosen type differentials is the strongest and most durable but the variable suspension makes little sense if the differentials cannot be raised before an off-road obstacle...
re; Volodya Kotsev
Have you ever driven across a log or forded a stream. A high differential is nice but not near as important as a higher frame.
Bob Flint
For over half a million US dollars, does it come with a instant 911 dial & response as it screams I’m a filthy rich “Novice”……… shoot me…….AAhhh Damn he shot me!!!
One of those “what was I thinking” moments spend the extra and survive…
If you have a really small penis this is the SUV for you.
Sweet! Another great option to burn a lot of gas for good reason at all! Wait, I'm forgetting about someone's sorry ego being uplifted by driving a wannabe war machine looking toy.
What a revolting looking vehicle.
It'll look even worse when 'blinged up' with eye-searing chromed wheels, etc, as part of someone's 'gangsta' fantasies.
It is hard for someone in my income bracket to imagine having so much money that I would be stupid...sorry, idiotic...sorry, uh silly enough to buy something like this. I suspect that I could commission a car to be built to my exact specifications for less than that. Oh well, I admire their dreaming.
Flint--you are right on the money. I can't help but think of some of those who became targets just because of what they were driving. Bill Cosby's son, Michael Jordan's father come to mind. I believe that is what happened with them both targets of opportunity?
On the other hand, I suppose if you pay that much you probably have a fleet of black GMCs all around you when you drive.