Here\'s an idea: Tie this contest together with Burning Man!
When stationed in Morocco (\'66-\'67) I saw how the country had become much poorer since the French were thrown out. The country took many thriving businesses and ran them into the ground. Why? Were Moroccans less intelligent? No. A monarchy ruled. No business was safe from the greedy government. It taxed everyone to death. The lesson I learned was that poverty is created by government. The poor don\'t need advice. They need freedom. If you give them technology and they create wealth without freedom, it will be taken away and they will be poor again. Famine is often gov made also.
Great ideas but they need to be taught to be free: reject authoritarianism.
Alf Lee
Louvavel a iniciativa do concurso para residências de baixo valor. Sugiro, porém, que os projetos contemplem condomínios de pequenos prédios; por uma questão de economia de espaço.
(The initiative for low-value homes is welcome. I suggest, however, that the projects include condominiums of small buildings, for the sake of saving space.)
voluntaryist is right on the money. Inventing special housing for \"Poor People\" is like putting band aids on a battered wife. Fix the real problem.
Some countries make it hard to get title to land. Would you invest your time and money improving land that you didn\'t own and were likely to be thrown off of by the \"real\" owner after you fix it up? Many countries make it almost impossible to legally start a business. How can an economy grow if people can\'t buy land or start businesses? And people won\'t do anything to gain wealth if it\'s just going to be stolen by the government, uh, I mean taxed. There\'s more to this subject than just these issues, but these are real and crushing problems around the world. Politics: Many blood sucking parasites.
Todd Dunning
Agree with voluntaryist and kuryus. These feel-good initiatives will make us feel better, but unfortunately history shows devastating consequences when corrupt governments are constantly \'rescued\' by do-gooders.

The worst damage is all is caused when dictators are relieved of their responsibilities, effectively given carte blanche to keep killing and starving their people. With the Peace Corps and UN driving up to the rescue, dictators can continue to stuff their Swiss bank accounts and the people will be fed, clothed and housed.

It sounds very counterintuitive that the most help can be done by not helping. I\'m increasingly staunchly opposed to any and all third-world aid, and that even includes schools. They are not doing it themselves because we are not letting them.
Voluntaryist is somewhat off topic, but unfortunately correct in essence, bureaucracy is the main problem everywhere. Give power to the jobsworths and social climbers [note no capitalisation!], and destroy enthusiasm and creativity.
Ok.. so lets make the contest.. \"How to get rid of an Evil Dictatorial Regime for 300.00 or less using local materials\".
These soulutions are not only for \"third word\" countries they could be used for emergency housing / post catostraphic, low income housing for people living in \"third world\" areas in first world countries. people in general who have realized they dont need a 5000 sq ft house to \"live\" in with their cat. anything that helps people realize the excess has become the necessary or vice versa. Kudos for projects like this..
I love Kharmachanic\'s new contest idea, and support the sentiment in all the comments. I think it\'s been well shown that absence of property ownership rights is insidious.
May be adopted in developing countries with ingenuity and local material.
Totally on board with voluntaryist, kuryus, Todd Dunning, TexByrnes, Kharmachanic, PeterCapek. There are good reasons why Americas have it so good and why many others around the world don\'t. You have to take responsiblity for, and stand up for, yourself. D-gooders tend to be \"A\" types that \"HAVE TO DO SOOOOMMMEETHING\", when the best course is usually to stand back them and the Govt.) and let people run their own lives - sink or swim they are responsible. Lets do the \"Ousts the Dictator\" contest!!