The fossil record shows that dinosaurs first appeared some 220 million years ago, and that primates appeared some 4 million years ago. Maybe in another 220 million years, crows and their like will have reached the level of humans now. I wont hold my breath!
Don't they know the crow is Don Juan?
Paul Muad'Dib
So much for large brain size as a necessary component for high intelligence.
Douglas Bennett Rogers
A relatively small machine could do this job. The real task is voluntarily selecting it from a universe of jobs.
Nelson Hyde Chick
Corvids are probably one of the few species mankind won't drive to extinction as our population swells by billions.
Crows are amazing. Knowing what they are capable of makes me respect them so much more than I did before.
alan c
Fascinating but I'm not surprised as I've seen other experiments which illustrate their problem solving skills. It would be interesting to put children (or maybe adults!) through the same test to establish the human equivalent age of a crow.
Mark K.
Just imagine if corvids had arms and hands ... we don't really have to imagine too hard because several dino species had just that.
I know at least one head of state who wouldn’t manage even the easiest task in this experiment. In general, I strongly believe that humanity would be much better off if these birds swapped their places with a few bigwigs from business and politics.
Bird brain. someone had to say it