I can see this causing problems to your fingers if used over a long period of time as the finger absorbs the force used.
re; Giwin
You're typing to energetically. I under stand I learned to type on a manual typewriter myself.
Kris Suchdeve
Giwin: Wouldn't be any more problems than someone typing on a tablet or other touch screen keyboard.
The images shown don't display any shadowing of the projected images by the typist's fingers. I wonder how realistic that is?
NK Fro
giwin, this isn't an everday use keyboard fo most people. Your concerns about are repetative motion injuries are easily addessed by the end-user. A thin neoprene mat could address fingertip injury concerns. Creating a reusable anchor for the projector for use on a variety of materials would be needed. Image stabilization tech found today cameras could address vibration induced by using the keyboard.
This concept has been around for a few years. On one hand it's remarkable technology, but on the other it lacks that reassuring and gratifying tactile interaction that people crave and it's still just one more thing to carry around and set up to use--plus, it still requires a flat surface of some uncluttered area.
Mark A
So how many people know the importance of a Zippo lighter?
Mark Van Tilburg
@Wombat... not very, obviously... but what is also rather obvious, is that it s a MOCKUP... sheesh...
Durojaiye Philips
wow good stuff......this would be better if it can be integrated into a phone case...then there u go,every one is going to want one. the sensors and laser projector on the side in landscape mode but thin enough to preserve the sleekness of the phone.... and on the tablet,there is enough room to slap it on a smart cover.....
lord starkphils
This is like the best smartphone related idea i have seen in a long time. I hope the concept works well. Then it can also be paired with a projected image on the table, transforming a small smartphone into a large screen with large keypad.
It is being increasingly seen that the size of the smartphone cannot be reduced due to the screen size and keypads. Now, the smartphone can fit on a keychain. Yes, yes, yes....