Paul Anthony
Sweet! I want the Trike in an electric with one raised seat in tandom with the driver! Oh, and lots of storage for rides to the grocery store.
Kevin Ritchey
It's really a shame that the lower cost opportunities are limited to so few as the mere public exposure created by supplying them to more would pay off in huge dividends in the future. Vendor/manufacturer costs must be considered of course but the tradeoffs would be exponentially positive over the long term, Even I could afford one then.
SO many silly aspects to this thing...
too much friction on hubless wheels
awful ride with airless tires
it is too long
Yea... no.
WOW, I WANT ONE of the trike versions,this will completely abolish hub drive electrical power units.........LOL :-)
The fact they are even thinking of putting a child inside the "Halos" says it all...
What they show is such a crude prototype that I cringe for all the people who threw money their way. I wish them the best of luck turning this project into an "add-to-basket" product, but I sure wouldn't put my money on it happening.
uuuh, are there actual wheels on this bike?
S Michael
NO... doesn't look good. In the photos, the tires are flat. Why? This is pure BS. Why waste our time with this ugly, non workable stuff.
Not practical and I see many design flaws. For example on the three person bike where do the passengers legs and feet go?