Calling it "Ultimate" is a rather bold statement and while I think it's a nice package apart from the silly frame there isn't really anything unique.
Going with a non-diamond type frame is actually silly as anything requires more material to archive the same rigidity, so there needs to be a purpose to do so and looks it not a reason since with bikes the purity lies in function over form. The Cylo could have been lighter had they not tried to be clever.
I think one can find a better bike for a lot less money if going with one of those classic bike makers like Kildemose or if original looks is top of the list the Biomega could be a good choice.
Hmm, the frame makes it look like the first bike in an urban bike-rack that's going to attract the attention of a thief/vandal. The simple drive-train, braking, and what appears to be a very neat rear rack mount (why wasn't that shown? perhaps it's just not cool enough) are a definite plus for the average city cyclist but it's ultimately a style bike. I wonder why not have the brake lights linked to the brakes and not an accelerometer?
A "carbon belt chain"? A bit of an oxymoron there. That's a Gates belt which clearly doesn't have links.
A sensible looking bike (though I'm not convinced by the frame either) but nothing particularly new there.
Larry English
this isn;t a. solving a new problem or b. solving an old problem a better way plus it is expensive!!
William Volk
This pales in comparison to a Brompton, for urban use.
looks like a photoshop special to me! where are all those messy stays that, for instance, keep the rear fender from rolling up on itself and causing a crash, and the weight bearing member for the rack. that said, the projected price makes the bike unobtanium for most. a very functional and light fixed gear bike can be put together for next to nothing by a clever scrounger, or bought for $500-1k. so one is paying here for posing. well, maybe that is the business plan. count me out.
The "ultimate" expression of poorly researched mediocre design exercise perhaps?
Novara Arkham Bike - 2014 from REI (first bike that came up in google) $849.00 aluminum frame gates belt 3 speed rear disc brakes fenders rear rack leather seat and the $1000+ you save can buy youself a nifty light, clothing and electric motor if you want ....and possibly a cheap trailer?..
So the cylo is the ultimate money pit?
Joseph Boe
I'm sorry but, was that it? Aluminum frame, brakee light led lights and a carbon belt are the "right combination" ?!?!?
This combination isn't unique and the ridiculous hipster frame make this overpriced bit of silliness well, ridiculous.
I predict total failure...