It will be easier to remove markers and spray paint. Hopefully, its novelty will keep the Swedish taggers to not resort to using sandpaper on glass as they\'ve done here in the states.
Karl Harmon
Now instead of Graffiti there will be a ring of dead birds around their public buildings.
Plant trees instead. They look loads better, and graffiti artists don\'t paint behind them, where nobody can see canyway.
Judy Herscovitch
This is a flight hazard for birds. I agree with the comments left by Karl and Christopher. I thought architects were supposed to learn about the environment not just buildings.
I hope those mirrors are made of polycarbonate or a thrown brick will do a lot of damage. As far as I know, you can paint on glass. Then there is the expense of large mirrors.
Marvin McConoughey
I\'m positively impressed. It is an innovative, intriguing, approach to exterior building design that is likely to influence future architecture. Without adopting the entire approach, buildings could still selectively and usefully employ mirrored sides to reflect and capture beautiful views. A neighbor might also prefer to see an image of his own nearby plantings rather than to see only the side of a nearby building.
Another classic case of Gizmag being mesmorized by shiny things.
The bird kill and garnet sandpaper tagging were already pointed out so I won\'t repeat.
For vandals (and birdlovers), this\'d be an awesome target for an air gun (BB/pellet) or slingshot.
As far as environment goes, these also need to be regularly cleaned by acids, upsetting stream ecology.
About the birds,
They can add an infrared film on top of the glass (visible to birds, invisible to humans), like what has been done at this tree hotel in Sweden. http://www.treehotel.se/?pg=mirrorcube
Even if they don\'t, this building will have only a small impact on birds, probably less of an impact than all the cars driving around the city. FYI, about bird deaths, the average wind turbine kills less birds than the average cat...
Kim Scholer
@ dsiple; don\'t worry about Swedish grafitti artists - the building is in Denmark.
Ha ha, now the graffiti artist will have to paint the building across the street and write everything backwards.