I wonder how long it will take for the enemy to learn to yell "LS3 power down!" or something even more sinister ("LS3 trample your master!")
I am always a naysayer when it comes to robots with legs. I see millions of dollars in development and a lot of complexity. Is this something a 17 year old former D student can repair in the field with minimal replacement parts in 3rd word country? I see a task that an ATV could perform for 1/100th of the cost with better reliability and cheaper/more available replacement parts.
Until it meets an early IED.
Derek Howe
Mark A
All I ask of it is to identify the poison oak.
re; Diachi Walkers can go places that a wheeled vehicle can not. The reverse is not true. The four legs appear to be identical and you could use the same actuators at all the joints and such to limit the number of different parts. For the most part soldiers get jobs that suit their abilities and the best mechanic I ever met never got a grade better than a C- in his life.
Siegfried Gust
Impressive, it's far more nimble than I would have expected. I think the ground contact surfaces will need to be improved thought to deal with different type of ground. As it is I think it would struggle with soft and slippery terrain.
Joaquin Colgao
I donĀ“t understand why this piece of crap would be any better than a real ass or mule. The best part is that a flesh and blood mule can feed itself and has all the built in intelligence required to climb steep hills, ford rivers, avoid obstacles and follow a leader. In addition, it is waterproof, you can butcher it to feed a hungry platoon and costs peanuts compared to this contraption. I suppose the big advantage is that they can plug it in to the moon when it runs out of battery.
Hmmm - I seem to remember a wonderful quadruped capable of such feats...what was it called?...Oh yeah - a horse. How reliable and resilient will this be under fire? Any better than a horse? Besides - a horse can't be hacked or disabled by an EMP.
The number of mules that died during the Burma campaign in WWII is appalling this won't die of bug bites in three months. This won't panic when it gets dinged or runs into something unfamiliar.