How embarrasing! They spend upwards of $100 billion a year, and employ more than 100,000 thousand of \"the worlds brightest\" to solve on this stuff, then discover that a bunch of kids calling themselves \"All Your Shreds Are Belong to U.S.\" answered their hardest myserty in just a month, for free :-) LOL. (hey, what\'s that craclking sound on my internet line?)
Congrats to the \"All Your Shreds Are Belong to U.S\" team !!! Guess the only alternative would be to confetti the shredding to smaller sizes then either chemically dissolve, flash flame, or blow the confetti into the wind. What will DARPA think of next ?!?
Really, who does not burn their documents? Oh yes, the American Iranian Embassy in 1979! Instead of a computer algorithm, the Iranians uses students (and a lot of time) to put it all back together..... Still, it is once again inspiring what a bunch of nerds juiced up on stimulants can do with their computers. Our US nerds are better than anyone else\'s nerds! Laugh if you want. Bill Gates could buy everyone reading this with the interest he gets in an hour....
William H Lanteigne
The \"countermeasure\" is obvious: shred, then burn, then scatter the ashes. There, that suggestion is free... had they simply called me, I could have saved them a bunch of money.
So, the U.S. government spent at least $50K to determine, ostensibly, a better way to spy on our enemies while at the same time coming up with information and ideas on how to better conceal our own secrets when printed out. Seems to me burning the documents would cost considerably less and we don\'t spy on our enemies anymore. If they don\'t outright tells us about it, we will never know about it so it is also a waste of money for that purpose.
This just goes to show that when you hold competitions that are open to anyone, you often get better results for less than you would if you had simply chosen a normal contractor to do what you wanted.
I like how the government got it\'s own citizens to figure out away to more easily spy on its own citizens.
Dennis, There is no \"American Iranian embassy\" and has never been nor will there ever be an \"American Iranian embassy\"! Many of the alleged document were incorrectly formatted and obviously faked. DTGs and Julian dates did not match. I have a nice bridge to sell you in Death Valley...
...alternatively, what happened to the \'This message will self- destruct\' thing... Chris. ====
Zukey Badtouch
If you don\'t want somebody to read something, don\'t put it on paper.