Stephen N Russell
Mass produce & sell worldwide: Markets for Tourism TV & movie shooting surveys mapping marine research.
Sales/rental venues Hawaii Caribbean yachts Med Sea Australia So Pacific off Mexico SE Asia
Need 4 man model next
Produce in TX CT OR CA FL
Very cool machine. Looks to be fun, but with people wanting to take their own little joyrides, I fear for delicate coral reefs being run into by these things and doing serious damage if they're rented out to one-time users with no supervision.
Loz, You are most certainly enjoying life. Need an assistant?
Debris can get caught in the turbine blades. Fish tails don't have that problem.
Joe Henderson
That was almost as much fun to read as it must have been for the author to experience.
Right off the bat, I can see that someone was asleep when designing the interior, no shag carpet ? that thing looks like a hoot to drive. and we can always grow new coral reefs.
Douglas Bennett Rogers
There is no need to worry about the coral, as excluded zones could be programmed, as with drones.
I am so jealous I could chew glass....
I think Loz Blain could make even a review of a basic tin opener entertaining, so another great write-up from my favourite Gizmag contributor.
Looks like a brilliant concept- my only reservation being, as someone else pointed out, how easily the fans might get blocked by vegetation. Then again, with positive flotation, as long as whatever was blocking them don't anchor the thing to the bottom, it should be less of a problem than it might be- perhaps the facility to jetison said fan in an emergency might be considered?