The Ultimaker ( costs about the same, it is a reality right now (not a kickstarter project), is lightning fast (up to 70 mm/s extruding and 150 mm/s jumping), uses cheaper 3 mm filament and has a layer size 2.5 times thinner (40 microns). The build volume has the same lenght and width, but is only two thirds the height of the Deltamaker, though.
Michael Crumpton
"That's a resolution four times thicker than the Form 1 " And a print speed that is more than 4 times faster.
VERY nice! Clean, elegant design! Best wishes to these guys!
One small step closer to printing 28mm miniatures in my home. . .
Eddy XLR
Nice design but dutch designers already have this one ready to go. Also there are a lot of moving parts in this design, like the homokinetic bolts on the tripod who will need some extreem material that doesnt wear down.
John Olafson
Eddy, ours has been 'released' now for over three months
And ours credits the inspiration from Johann, doesn't use printed parts, costs less, and can be had now, and is 100% OS hrdwr
That 360 degree view is a gimmick since it will only work on the Space Station and on Interplanetary expeditions. Since gravity is present for the rest of us, they, like other materials will need to put down support material and, with that, we're back to zero added usefulness apart from looking like it shouldn't be controllable.
The 100 micron layers is admirable, but did they brief you with "up to" or "will" as far as that layer thickness goes?
Speaking of cheap printers, I'm surprised at the lack of coverage for the Makobox A6 LT, a PLA 3D printer for $200.
Jason Falconer
@cachurro I hadn't looked closely at the Ultimaker before, I'll have to check it out.
@Michaelc "And a print speed that is more than 4 times faster. " My personal preference is resolution over speed.
Gregg Eshelman
"They suggest people will put it in a prominent place inside their homes,"
3D printers, the parlor lathe of the 21st century. Wealthy people in the 1900's would buy insanely complicated decorative turning lathes, then hire turning masters to operate them as entertainment at parties.
Marcelo Camauer
Ultimaker is fast at 60mm/s? We're printing at 100mm/s normally, with 150 travel...