Russell Taylor
O.K. that is SO COOL! Sign me up I need this right now! :-)
Tony Wood
I need this kind of treatment too but I wonder if this can translate to other bone & tissue regrowth like spinal damage?
Hi, I like this, Can I be testperson? Stef, Holland
Well, I certainly fit the bill. Need any testers?
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David Larson
sign me up too!!
WE now have breast implant, butts implant, tooth implant etc. pretty soon, mankind could live forever with all the implant with nothing origin. Even the brain could be implant with transfer data like we doing with a Hard Disk. Fascinating. If this happened, we need a few more larger livable planets because earth will not growth but dieing.
Totally Awesome, Dr Mao deserves a medal. We need to reconise and reward the genius of people like Dr Mao with public recognition and monetry recognition or reward. This is an amazing gift to mankind. Dr Jeremy Mao, I salute you. Should you require candidates for testing of this wonderful invention please count me in. Wayne
If anyone needs this process, it\'s me. Not that many others don\'t. All senior citizens need help, if they don\'t have insurance.
Sure, I\'ll submit to a test of this new technology. Losing teeth like crazy.
At 73, doesn\'t look good for me. Also need the heart stem cell treatment. don\'t know which will get me but I guess I\'ll be the last one considered as a test subject.