I guess marijuana is a gateway drug. lol
Excellent. I have always wanted to try it in a safe way.
How many traffic deaths will this cause??? How many children will get a hold of these drugs and OD on them. This is a sad chapter in our current society.
"How many traffic deaths will this cause??? How many children will get a hold of these drugs and OD on them. This is a sad chapter in our current society." a 60KG person would need to eat 17 kg of Musrooms to reach the LD50 of psilocybin
IMHO, psilocybin & THC & LSD legally should be treated same as alcohol!
This isn't about LD50. It's about the dangerous things people do when under the influence. Just like alcohol, few people stop at a beer and often go on to hard liquors. I have seen too many people's lives ruined by "legal" alcohol.
Douglas E Knapp
Nobody, The difference between alcohol and shrooms is that mushrooms are NOT addictive. Alcohol is VERY addictive and leads to ruined lives. Traffic deaths? Try making driving school mandatory and hard. Then give out very hard punishments for driving under the influence of a smartphone. 30 year ago the guy swiving all over the road was drunk and you seldom saw this. Now I see it daily and it is always a guy on a phone. In the end, anyone taking ANY substance needs to do it responsibly.
Nobody - You have clearly never tried it. Yes it gets used recreationally, but the last thing you’d want to do is drive on it. This is a positive step to get a natural, powerful, and nearly harmless medicine out of the illegal drug classification it doesn’t belong in. I know many people who have used it responsibly to eliminate chronic depression and anxiety, quit drug addictions, quit smoking, etc.
Decriminalization is not the same as legalization. It's still against the law to sell and use it's just the punishment is now a lower classification and you are fined instead of being sent to jail. The article mentioned there have been like 11 people in the last 3 years convicted so it doesn't have much impact. Law abiding people might be slightly more likely to risk trying it with a lower penalty now. Criminals never cared to begin with. In terms of driving under the influence many people in the City don't even own cars and Uber/Lyft have removed essentially any excuse people may have had to drive intoxicated. Driving under the influence remains a criminal offense. This is little more than recognition that people responsibly using low level drugs like Marijuana and Mushrooms are a waste of government resources to remove from their environment and imprison. Having grown up hanging outside in a poor neighborhood I can also say poor neighborhoods (and poor kids) are disproportionately policed. I'd see police several times a day in my old neighborhood looking for reasons to bust people and in my new neighborhood I haven't seen a police officer on my street once in the 2 years I have lived here. I'm not super political but it's a fact that police tend to shake down poor people for drugs to make their arrest numbers. The people that use things like Marijuana and go work at low paying jobs are no more criminal than people that use Marijuana and go to work at high paying jobs. I think decriminalizing mushrooms is the right call. I think LSD in very low dosage should fall into the category of decriminalization as well but my problem with it is that the high potency makes it too easy to exceed "very low dosage".
Paul Muad'Dib
Pretty soon we are going to be in a position where monetary concerns will severely limit the number of people we lock up for drugs. Personally I'd rather NOT pay for law enforcement to enforce drug laws and all the other costs associated with it. Obviously the war on drugs can't be won.