I'll wait until any of them can seat four, park in a normal parking space, take off from your average suburban street and have FAA (or other national civil aviation authority) approval.
The initial invited flying car development efforts are mostly well known efforts and one can tell with just a look if they promise any usability. If usability is an objective for the development efforts that is. Zee, Street Wings and Switchblade are the only ones worth watching. And only Zee is a real flying car if its development got anywhere that is which has not. Flying cars that can fly will race, flying cars that are usable will win.
Some people won't buy a flying car with one, two or three seating capacity and that will require a larger parking space. Get out of the place already, will you. We live in a world where one seat is too many for a practical flying car.
Flying cars certainly will accomplish one thing for sure, culling of the herd. No house will be safe from above. Darwin award will have a new category.
@Buellrider- Agreed! Sci-Fi stories appear to make AeroCars inevitable. If not completely autonomous, can you imagine the havoc wrought by every dipshit texting or eating fried chicken while flying? If autonomous, they become overly-expensive, glorified air taxis, with no operator involvement or passion required. Although I'm always excited by innovation, engineering and those who "dare to dream"... flying cars are not, will not and should not be designed as mainstream.
A compact nuclear engine is needed for the 4 seater. The post Cold War climate won't allow this until all of the players are dead.
Wouldn't it be ridiculous if you can achieve the hardest of things and fly your car into the sky and some government guy come up and say "Can't allow you to be you haven't passed the smog test". That can be a real deal breaker. Better spot alternative locations on the world map.
To jump-start the Flying Car industry we need a hand from bigshot Flying Car industrialists. If you know what I mean.
I like the idea.
It looks like since many of the old time flying cars invited have detachable wings and tail, this could offer some advantage during the road portion since they don't have to "carry the plane" with them. With the same detachability allowed, a newly designed vehicle could blow everyone's socks off.
My hope is that this takes off before things get too restrictive in the Land of the Free.
Thank you Dezso for promoting innovation and excitement.
As for MattII... keep waiting.
Yes we will have super usable flying cars someday but we won't be allowed to use them as we wish. We will only get to dial in our destination and the car will calculate the amount of energy needed to get there and only if it has the required energy will it take off. And will not allow the passenger to steer or to change course on the way if the new destination does not fit in the energy budget. Passengers will be like a parcel being carried on a delivery drone. Unless you have a pilots license.