Mel Tisdale
Hold on a minute. Autogyros should not be raced, it is asking for trouble. They have a tendency to lift the nose when flown too fast. A fixed wing pilot will instinctively push the stick forward to drop the nose back down, which is the last thing anyone should do - the very last thing. It forces the air to attack the rotor blade from above instead of below as intended, which it doesn't like at all and reacts accordingly.
There is an interesting air accident report on a crash at Farnborough Air Show in 1970. The pdf can be found here:
Loz I love your posts , been following them for years. I also love bikes, trikes, novel flying machines and especially flying cars.
Every short rake off roadable vehicle on gizmag over the past 10 years has been either a military vehicle or unrealistically expensive for the public.
There was a 4 wheel gyrocopter that seemed promising but it too seemed to be going for super high performance.
This is the first vehicle whose design, simplifying the transmission dramatically , seems to not only cut costs but drop total vehicle weight dramatically, allowing for the ' virtuous feedback loop' of down weighting any hybrid craft made for 2 mode operation.
For the very first time I'm actually impressed by a flying car design. I'm not surprised its a trike. The only ' popular' quasi-roadable flying vehicles are powered paragliding trikes , and popular as in ultralight flying hobbiest. A gyrocopter seems facially safer than a aerofoil parachute to, particularly if the gyro stores a pop-out parachute for back up ( in a final marketable design)
Lol... very interesting and I wish them luck. But they are not the first to embark on a venture such as this and very well funded and well engineered projects have failed. Personally this thing looks like a hunk of junk that was welded together in someones garage. Having said that some of the best engineering of the 20th century have been born in garages. I hope they are successful and no one get hurt or killed.
Why show us this thing when it can't yet even fly. Maybe I should mount a propeller to my bum and post an article about how I need funds to make myself the first gyrohumanHybrid.
Jay Finke
Make me wounder if the prop will in combination with the ground power will slow it's top speed ? and am I the only one that thinks this looks like something from the MAD MAX movie.
Mad Max
I'd like to see a more efficient model first. Get rid of the prop and make a 300cc scooter. It will be more like a cockpit and loads of fun even in inclement weather with a thin body.
Then use that money to start testing El Unobtainable.
Bruce H. Anderson
@VoiceofReason - I think you are on the right track. Piaggio makes an MP3 (from which they took the front end) with a 500cc engine, although not to my tastes (the 400 is more pleasant to look at). But extend the scooter, lower the seats, and put on a shell and you have something like a Monoracer, but more practical.
Michael Crumpton
If the kickstarter does not work, I am sure that the remake of Road Warrior would love to feature this beauty.
Gregg Eshelman
It doesn't look too sturdy, using a single structural element, the propeller shaft, to connect the front and rear.
Whenever the words flying and motorcycle appear together, I think of the motorcycles in Battlestar Galactica: 1980.
Btw, if it has more than two wheels, it's not a motorcycle, even though it may qualify for the less restrictive crashworthiness etc regulations.