It\'s the crystalline entity! :)
Gregg Eshelman
Is anyone still supporting the theory that Jupiter and other gas giants might have diamond cores?
Bruce Williams
So... can we expect the next X prize for interplanetary travel to be sponsored by DeBeers?
In related news, De Beers has entered the space race....
Paul Ensign
This planet should be named after Marilyn Monroe.
Karsten Evans
Must be a hard place to live!

maybe the the millisecond pulsar once was a planet to the sun before the scientists there tried to recreate similar environment from the big bang.. like in CERN or tried to implement fusion.
Instead they create a teeny tiny pulsar?!
Once the teeny tiny pulsar rips apart the world and siphons off the sun\'s fuel all that is left is the biggest girl\'s best friend in the err world?

Just a thought.

how do teeny tiny pulsars occur?
Doctor Smith would eject the entire Robinson family out of the airlock for the opportunity to steer the Jupiter 2 toward this planet.
Michiel Mitchell
so, is a Pulsar then, kind of, a Black hole that filled up.
Paul Anthony
So they can deduce all that from telescopes light years away, amazing! Now tell me how does the universe fit together and what is its purpose other then just existing? I feel like a Who in Whoville.
Walt Stawicki
DeBeers, and a certain Mr Harry Winston will preside over the splitting of the planet. he promises not to pass out upon doing the deed as he did with that humongous blue some years ago. Imagine the price of just a few hundred carat chunk!
you could buy a house anywhere...