Paul Hutchinson
Much more in depth article than the one I previously read. Wonder where I can get ahold of C-60 buckyballs...
Seems like the mice fed only on olive oil, did quite well; while those having added buckyballs, survived only a couple of weeks more. Is this an add for health giving properties of olive oil? Perhaps I should buy some shares!
Toys"r"us in their secret military biochemicals section between the lego and hotwheels ;D rats sometimes react to things that dont work in humans and many strange things make rats live longer like a stress study i read about that mice who were shouted at daily for ten minutes had shorter lifespans and the ones who were given 10min of classical music lived much longer than the control group. Maybe shouting/music does have a real world human effect. So il take you to toys"r"us and il check on you every decade. What i want to see is human cell culture tests or was their goal to extend rat lives?
Paul Hutchinson
^ Their goal as stated above was to try and determine any toxicity effects. They weren't expecting the life extension as far as I understand.
re: "The ingested C-60 had an elimination half-life from blood of about 10 hours, so was essentially fully eliminated from the body within two days. It is not clear from the report if the C-60 was eliminated from intracellular fluid on that time scale." This is an absurd conclusion, unsupported by any of this 'quasi'-experimental presentation. Such trash-science has no place other than in the Journal of Ludicrous Conclusions. J.A., M.D.
tkj: this is not a scientific publication. Gizmag is targeted at the general public. The message is: "the elimination half life from blood plasma is short, so if it diffused freely inside the body, it would be greatly reduced in 2 days, but we don't now if it stays inside the cells". And as I see it, the message is clear. For a more thorough interpretation your quouted paragraph, change "body" for "plasma". For criticizing the conclusions, please read the paper.
"This is an absurd conclusion, unsupported by any of this 'quasi'-experimental presentation. Such trash-science has no place other than in the Journal of Ludicrous Conclusions. J.A., M.D. " rewrites to make it easier to read for the laymen ( J.A., M.D.'s out there) , it’s not meant to be your new medical journal. Read past a article (editing) and get to the original source.
@Thunderbird4 - The exact quote was... "Similar results have been reported for mammals held in a state of semi-starvation." It has been well established that a longterm severely calorie-restricted diet in humans results in cells entering a protective state that extends human life for a decade or two. Olive oil consumption has been noted to have many beneficial effects but not nearly as dramatic as the life-extending effects of a semi-starvation diet. Therefore, consuming larger than average amounts of olive oil is probably good for you but will not give you the results close to what this article is presenting for the buckyball+olive oil mixture for rats. This article didn't reveal it, but I suspect the rats were probably on a semi-starvation/buckyball+olive oil diet.
Clay Jones
All of which begs the question: do humans need to live longer?
Larry Hooten
Interesting. Buckyballs are also a byproduct of a smoky acetylene torch. I wonder if welders who use acetylene rigs would breathe them in, and would that lengthen their lives? But that effect of olive oil really needs to be broadcast everywhere!