since when do people appear out of the air with boulders to smash your remote
Derek Howe
Thanks Space! lol
Snake Oil Baron
"since when do people appear out of the air with boulders to smash your remote"
Well it didn't start happening all at once. It started with just people appearing out of the air and it progressed from there.
Joe Sobotka
Very cool & at a reasonable price!
Quadcopters Uk
DJI Phantom available in the Uk from http://quadcopters.co.uk/dji-phantom-ready-to-fly-quadcopter-570-p.asp with Free UK Shipping. The DJI Phantom is great value for money and an ideal quadcopter for hobbyists to get a start into aerial photography and aerial video.
Our phantom quadcopter got away from us at dusk Sunday. It was heard Landing. 5 days searching. Anyone know how far the range for audio is? Trying to calculate how far the circumference is! Help! Chopper down and storm is coming
Simon Dale-Firstpersonview
Excellent excellent piece of kit. Mine got stuck up a tree though...spatial awareness not so good! Got it down unharmed though. After an hour or two and a long ladder!
Simon Dale-Firstpersonview
Here is mine in a tree :-( http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-kETTpiNz2uY/URuTIKKOlJI/AAAAAAAAAvY/Sr9CgEQYYkw/s1600/Phantom+Incident+03.JPG (With GoPro and FPV system onboard).
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You're right! that is a goofy video. I think the options are better for the AR Drone 2.0, especially if you are an enthusiast with limited funds. I already have an IPAD and smart phone so the drone would probably be my best option. $700 roughly is a stretch for just startring out.
Riccardo Domenico
It's possible let the dji phantom follow another gps, mantaining the same distance (ex. a Tom Tom rider) with a fixed altitude ? THX Riccardo