"Up to 140 degrees", huh? Funny, that's exactly the temperature at which potentially harmful bacteria START TO DIE. Perfect living conditions for them? 40 to 140. Ask any Chef. So, they built a box to grow bacteria...how nice. I hope they intend to sanitize those things DAILY. Even then, no thank you. I'll make my own.
The Deliverator it isn't.
These vehicles are intended for funeral operators in mind to help boost sales, bacteria/smearea, that what doesn't kill ya make you stronger. and has anyone Ever seen mold on a Domino's pizza ?
The 1 TaiN
1983 to 2002, Ford Escort. Hand's Down, You couldn't KILL THEM even if you TRIED. Ran better, even after a few car crashes.
It has one serious flaw--it's not an EV. Ev's make far better delivery vehicles with no pollution. Domino's could easily mount solar on it's rooftops and charge all the cars via the sun. EV's have far quicker acceleration for making quick deliveries too.
I think I'll wait for the stretched version because I never order less than 80 pizzas at a time. In fact, there's 125 stacked up here in the living room just now. Ralph L. Seifer, Long Beach, California
Pardon me, that's wrong. I just went back and counted to be sure, and it's actually 132.
Bob Flint
I first thought they actually make them as they drive....hahaha
Man talk about steaming up your windows with just my single pie....
David A Galler
the box although used mainly below 140 should have the capability of going to at 165.
Azar Attura
The oven is right above the gas tank.
John in Brisbane
I thought of the deliverator too lol. Btw that fuel consumption would be around town. A 1.2 engine on the highway would be getting 4's or 5's. Even the rough old chugger gm keeps putting in hatchbacks. My 2.5 Subaru gets 7.5 on the highway.