This actually seems pretty cool. The only thing that really concerns me is battery life. Charging once every 6 hours does not seem ideal to me... as a matter of fact, it seems like kind of a hassle.
I'm sure we'll see more things like this in the future though, and with better battery life.
Len Simpson
This article suggests that this tech could be advantageous for us oldfrts w/wore out ears.
I doubt I could justify the cost, but this does seem pretty cool. The battery charging case is a nice touch as well.
I agree with Len. If I'm understanding this correctly, you can tune Here so that it enhances frequencies that you may not be able to hear very well. Basically, that's all that $6000 hearing aids do. Why does the manufacturer say that Here is not suitable for that purpose? I'm suspecting there's some sort of legal/political entanglement causing this. Maybe a patent?
For those who suffer from tinnitus, the ability to add masking sounds could be a blessing. There are expensive devices that do this and provide relief to many with this condition. If a $250 device could do the same thing, it would add financial relief to the therapeutic benefits.
soumdhawk was for only 1 ear @350$, this is a much better buy 2 ears for 250$.
Douglas Bennett Rogers
Stayed all night in Coachella (Thunderbird Motel) on the way to my Navy job in China Lake.
Hear Here! So these sound like bionic ears. I wonder how much Lindsay Wagner would charge Here to star in an infomercial for these.
Stephen N Russell
How much & major market alone for active seniors. Rather have these then std hearing aids. But Id use it in the Real Time, To adjust noise alone esp background noise. Huge need for, Test at VA & nursing homes, retirement villages, rock groups, singers, band members, alone
If they can filter out gas-powered leaf blowers, I'm so in...
I wonder how these will compare to QuietOn for pure noise cancellation.