Well lets see, do I take Trump or graffiti morons? I'll take Trump.
Well no Sir, I would have the aforesaid graffiti morons . Or indeed anybody.
Gregg Velosi
I agree with JamesDemello. Trump 2020
Rustin Lee Haase
Why not put a wasp nest killer in where the spray can is and actually do something constructive for a change. These graffiti artists are anarchists that need some serious "adjustment", not praise and publicity.
More lawlessness from the political left. Pretty much what we've come to expect.
Glorifying breakers (vs Makers) with the term "artist" is just silly. I second the wasp killer use for drones instead of defacing public or private property. Better yet, use drones to spot and film graffiti vandals doing their crimes so the cops have proof for the DA and Prosecutor.
Mark Markarian
We've Been on The Highway 2 Hell 4 the past 8 years ...Now The Highway to Prosperity ......Opens for All Americans .........As a Matter of Fact, with Trump as POTUS ............America's Future is So Bright ...............We're going to have to Wear Shades @ Midnight ..................Go Trump!
I don't think that an article focusing on creating vandalism (whatever the technology it uses) is very appropriate for a tech site.
Ok, now if the article were about a graffiti-REMOVING drone, that would be different. In a nutshell - committing crime bad, fixing or deterring crime good.
When did defacing property become art? In the real world it's called vandalism. Ljaques has the best idea. Use drones to catch vandals.
I missed this: "KATSU envisioned a world where drones could allow graffiti artists to tag objects like the Statue of Liberty's face" Note to Trump: Deport this sucka, no matter what nationality. UNDESIRABLE.