Remote control airplanes? Helicopters?
Yet gun registration is completely unreasonable and Kinder Surprise is outright illegal - far too dangerous for USA... words fail me.
Trevor Wrn
Makes the US Legal System/Govt look really stupid when they introduce this type of legislation but can't even agree on gun control laws, so the way I see it is that air space and privacy issues are more important than peoples lives.
$5? Why isn't it just free? /rolleyes
For bureaucrats, arrogance knows no bounds. It's just too bad there isn't an Amendment 2b: the right to keep and fly aircraft shall not be infringed.
John Gochnauer
Which law gives the FAA authority to regulate model aircraft flying no higher than 400 feet in uncontrolled airspace, again?
Leave it to the bureaucrats, and they will soon require registration for toy cars...
Sounds like another Follow the Money scheme to me. $5 today...wait for "inflation"! Also, $27k fine? Really? Prison? Really?
Money=power. Rule By Law. Says it all.
Also, how do they catch you if you don't put that tag on your dangerous drone? I'm sure any real terrorist or person with criminal intent will double-time it to the registration counters before carrying out their plan!
@Grunchy According to the email that I got from the AMA, everything will require you to get a registration.
"All aircraft that are flown using a ground control system, such as a transmitter, are required to participate. This includes fixed-wing aircraft, not just multirotors or drones."
All the other rules seem superfluous, as this rule covers 99% of radio control aircraft that I am familiar with. I wonder how many people that get these as a present are going to be informed that they need to register.
Bob Flint
Told you so....
We recently had a handgun delivered into a prison by a drone, and the place went on lockdown, with a full search by security in full vests.
This legislation won't stop criminals or terrorists, it just brings in revenue for the upkeep & surveillance of this useless plan.
How are you going to monitor this wide spread activity by these tiny aircraft?