Have you transposed the hover/ cruise times? Usually the former would eat more fuel. Also stub or folding wings would increase flight time.
Tom Lee Mullins
I think that is really cool. Perhaps the price will come down with development and competition? Could it be scaled up to carry one or two people? I think that would make for a cool VTOL aircraft.
Keith Benicek
How about comparing the COST of a Brushless motor prop powered Quad and the Jet turbine?? I fly quads as a photographer and I also fly electric, nitro engines and jet turbine fixed wing RC aircraft. A SINGLE turbine engine will cost anywhere from USD $1,200 for a small turbine to $6,000 for a 100 lbs aircraft! A 600 class commercial Photo Brushless Quad has maybe $300 in brushless motors! Another $200 in ESC's (⁴) ..... quite adifference, huh?
Xabier Eizaguirre
Small Jet engines arent new, they're expensive, noisy and extremely dangerous.

But someone could pay thousands of dollars to buy it, the real problen comes when you have to do fast maneveurs, jet turbine engines have a very slow response time comparrd with brushless engines. For example when fast winds hit the quad unexpectedly the slow response time of the jet engines could make the quad flip, and becouse of you cant turn that turbines of like electric engines the quad will become a powered jet engine bomb aproacin at very high speed to the ground
Here again we're shown this jet quad only hovering to smooth music. I wanna see the damn thing flying about and hear the racket.
Hmm. nap-of-earth maneuverability at 300 mph, range of a couple dozen miles (that 15 minutes is at cruise) and a 40-pound payload. Oh, and a noise footprint comparable to a top fuel dragster. When do you really need something delivered that fast to somewhere this device could go? (My immediate thought, alas, is that a device like this would make an almost ideal post-apocalytpic assassination tool. )
Bob Stuart
Jets are inefficient until high-subsonic speeds. I'd have gone with diesel-electric for hover, with a mechanical clutch for cruise.
Rizcero- great point; the usage of wings would greatly enhance economy.

Xabier Eizaguirre; I'm pretty sure it primarily employs servo driven vectoring to make corrections. IE full size VTOL jet craft use vectoring alone to achieve balancing with a single jet engine. This is all actually pretty easy to make for a dedicated RC hobbyist and has been for decades with the advent of piezo electric gyroscopes that can make corrections within microseconds, it's simply due to cost reductions resulting from economies of scale that have made the technology much cheaper and accessible today.
Re-filling the tank will take longer than swapping a battery pack. If you brought diesel to refill than you bring spare charged battery packs.
Paul Muad'Dib
I wonder how many they will sell?