I'm no expert on this aspect of engines but would guess it'd need fine tuning of the connecting pipes to avoid out-of-phase effects; it could ( literally) suck instead of blow.
alan c
Drum? Don't they mean diaphragm pump?
Interesting concept. Looks like an novel way to tap more power from small cc off-road machines as well. As it uses a diaphragm that pulses like a drum along with the exhaust pulse, I wonder if it increases, dampens or relocates sound output? I think they should target after-market first while targeting manufacturers later as that seems a gamble and anything that makes power this way would be desired by current owners of existing machines. Hope that made sense? Just keep the price down and they'd sell a lot of them I would think.
It's much more effective to just change to an all electric drive train.
I'd seriously question this before paying for it. I agree with riczero-b that timing is critical, and I doubt you could get good results otherwise. I also question heating up the air on the intake end (cold air is ideal for power).
Martin Hone
Loz reckons "Superchargers power their compressors directly off the engine crank, sapping a little power to return lots more. Turbos power their compressors using small turbines that harness the speed of exhaust gases. Both these methods are very effective, but complex and expensive, and both tend to produce their best results at higher RPMs." Superchargers sap a LOT of power from the host, and turbos use the exhaust ENERGY to spin up the turbine wheels. Superchargers work well at low to mid rpm, turbos work well mid to high rpm. I like the concept of the 'drum' system but can't see it going mainstream in its current format.
Just think, now they are using WW2 German Technology..
In function this works in a similar manner to a buzz jet valve... Allowing fresh air in (at slight boost) while regulating it in one direction only.
Kind of Pulse Ramming (my term, only to be reused with Permission).
I wonder if the effect could be amplified by using a tuned resonance chamber [ok then the cost would start looking like a turbo, hell lets just go 2 stage turbo charging with reheat.)
Don't worry Diaphragm pumps are a well understood tech, maybe, just maybe a new application here, (Is there any reason it hasn't been used B4?).
I'd imagine that the effect would be somewhat muted from the exhaust heat, but 10% is 10%. Oogly beastie. @VincentWolf has a good idea in moving to an electric drivetrain. AND TORQUE ALL THE WAY FROM BOTTOM TO TOP.
people talking about out of phase effects like this is all theoretical or on paper, they have attached it to motorcycles and gotten it to work, they are planning on selling kits, seriously doubt they would do if they didnt actually know if it would work or not.
I actually own a rc390, nice little one cylinder bike about same power as ninja500 with the ecu changer i have on it. I would love to strap something on there to increase the power as im getting abit bored with it, but still love the feel of the smaller bike. But the picture of one on an RC has me worried. Like the article says its where my leg should go.
I think they have a good idea its still got some work to go though in terms of making it with special shapes or learning to better add it to a motorcycle. Which is why i think they are spot on with selling this to manufacturers who can work with them on the design and build the bike around it in a sense... much easier to add something like this cost effectively when designing a bike rather then an after-thought.
That being said i would buy a kit if i could be reasonable convinced its not going to make sitting on the bike uncomfortable. Might help me get a few more years out of my bike.
People think electric drive [plus battery pack & electronics] could compete on price with a few plastic discs? Ridiculous!