Craig Jennings
Hurrah they\'ve made the brake reservoirs out of metal... pity they still get in the way of the instruments with their ugly plastic caps. 1st (and probably only) cosmetic upgrade I would do is to get rid of them! The Honda MC22 had nice ones, ali, sight glass and all.
I might be with Mr Stiffy on this one..... no, lets not go that far, this is still awesome. But the cock factor is certainly up there, we (I) know (unfairly assume) that only tools ( still tools) are probably going to do this. Aren\'t street fighters supposed to be a little rough around the edges? Someone named Mick or Shane or Dave has grabbed an old jappa and locked themselves in a shed with it and come out with something part bike, part art and a large part mad?
John McG
Noice...... but does it still sound like a combine harvester like most ducati\'s ?
a combine harvester on the latest(Italian) steroids hopefully
William H Lanteigne
I\'ve got windburn on my face just looking at it. Very nice, very \"I can\'t afford this.\"
All the tech is awesome, and I am pretty sure that this bike will perform much better than the stock Desmo, but oh boy its ugly, I am really surprised to know that someone will agree to spoil a beautiful machine like the Desmosedici RR for just a little extra performance.
Nick Rowney
The first problem I have spotted is the big wheel at the back doesn\'t touch the ground.
The second is that those little wheels on the back will slow it down when it goes round corners.
How can you call that ugly? It\'s a wet dream of a bike! But just like any gorgeous super-model, will make a nice wallpaper for my phone, but a dream it will remain...
Awesome customization indeed... Love the beat can design....
As mentioned in d article, most of us would have keep drooooooooling indeed...
Mr Stiffy
It\'s clever..... and I like good design....
But - you can\'t ride it anywhere
Speed limits in Aus are now - crawl over the limit and do your license for EVER.
When I was a spotty weed smoking ladde, the great ocean road was a mostly ace ride with much rock on one side and air on the other; and one of my friends at the time in Apollo Bay held the unofficial Lorne to Apollo Bay speed record on a Ducati...
Now that road is a combo shit box tourist trap and one road cliff hugging extension of suburbia, with a single white line up the middle and bumper to bumper tourist / commuter traffic and a snails pace speed limit - along it\'s entire length.
So yeah with this bike, being a case of \"doing the very best we can with the best stuff\";
I\'d like to see the introduction of autobahn speeds on some freeways and highways, for some stretches.
In the world of litigiousness and spite, where people love to have their own way - without responsibility or consequence, but when other people do the same thing that they are doing, and then damage, injury and death occours, they scream \"Ohhh the gummit shouldn\'t let that happen\" and then they (we / us) collectively whine about the nanny state and the death toll and the taxes to pay for the injuries and deaths in insurance and the cost of making the roads safer.... and the vehicles roadworthy and and and and and...........
And the people go racing their \"super bikes\" like rocket ships around the Kew Boulevard, and the residents get pissed off about the noise and the dangers of rocket bikes in suburbia, so some of them sneak out at night and oil the roads and then covert war breaks out.... and \"some one is gunna get killed\" - so the gummit steps in and plonks down speed humps and speed signs and speed cameras and unmarked cop cars....
I dunno.....
It\'s would be a nice bike to ride tho.
But the mismatch between what it is capable of doing, and the chances of goal or early death and the lack of regular great fast twisty roads, leaving the only legal option of a sans animi flat race track as the only place to ride...

It\'s beautiful and exorbitantly exotic. I love it, not because it\'s practical in any way, but because it was designed and built - just because they could. I note it has headlights, indicators and number plate holder - but you\'d be dreaming if you thought you could register this wonderful design exercise - unless NCR have perfected titanium as a sound absorbing material (check the mufflers, or lack of). Keeping the brakes warmed whilst on your average public road might be problematic too.