Bill Severin
This is how Harley used to do it years ago. Maybe someday Ducati can catch up.
I once owned a Ducati. It was crap!
Thank you, Loz! That was a well written article, like always. Thanks for the photo's :)
Captain Danger
Interesting that the operator is told what torque to use for assembly
"Computer screens guide the process each step of the way, telling each worker what to grab next from their assembly tray, how to fit it, and what torque the bolts need to be tightened to."
If they were on their game the torque tool would automatically set the torque , and track the torque and position of each fastener. I believe that one of the largest reasons for improvement in quality of auto assembly in the last few years has been the adoption of technology to do this.
Ducati's quote " But perfection is not of this world, thank God." underlines the challenge of trying to improve quality. It does not seam like the spokesman believes much more can be done and seams satisfied that they are better than before. If they want to continue, improve attitude will need to be better than that.
Rode a hardly davidson once, compared to my VFR it felt like I was piloting my Grandfathers tractor. My 918 remains superlative, the handling, the ability of the bike is leagues above any two-wheeled U.S. product.
Just in time cost Toyota how much again when the brake manufacturing plant went down due to an earthquake...
Thank you,Loz,for another informative article from those of us that have ridden and loved motorcycles for decades. Enjoy everything you write
Very tiring to see such negative words directed at any motorcycle manufacturer. We all ride machines that appeals to the individual for unlimited,different reasons. Being such small numbers,we have to stick together as "powers" often want to control or regulate us.
Just in time,modern assembly lines have proven to produce quality products efficiently. That is why it's being done worldwide in many areas. If you have something better,lets hear it. So easy to be critical. So hard to think out of the box and come up with something better.
Last,Ducati has to be commended for how far they have come in the last 30 years (even surviving). This is the company that breathes what it makes. Even the workers love & ride what they create. Hopefully Audi will continue to keep their hands off and let Ducati improve with financial back up.
Fair comment referring to silly Australian design rules, Loz, but at least we don't have massively oversized registration plates like the one on the SV1000 outside the Ducati factory gate.
Ah, a well written article. And the passion behind the Ducati can be sensed as one reads. I am not a motorcyclist but this article is passionate, it is an insight into the art of motorcycles. It is good.
And it is not racist about bikes, acknowledging the fine art of motorcycling. "But we don't make motorcycle racism. We show respect to Japanese, like Japanese show respect for us. Because we share the same passion. We know that riding a motorcycle could be enjoyable fun, but also dangerous. The respect that motorcycle riders have between themselves is also made of this thing."
A refreshing change from all those silly smartphone articles that split hairs where hairs don't matter.
Thanks to Loz Blain and the whole lot of people who contributed, this article reminds me of why I like Gizmag. It dips every once in a while into the art and passions of Music, Motorcycling, Motoring those things beyond the smartphone. Maybe we could see some nice stuff about wines and vineyards, villages and the latest hi-tech. Touching a little on passion, life, survival.
José Franqueira
Great feature Loz. One can tell as being there the passion of your host il sig Lodi. You must have really enjoyed the visit!
Haresh Metharam
I am a Honda fan and for 50 years I have been riding various Honda models. I own a classic 305 C77 and a 750 shadow. They are the most reliable bikes. Ducati has to go a long way to catch up with Honda.