maybe he can use new engine from liquidpiston
Seriously fun looks like and would probably work and allow people to cavort all over the place silently. Great idea.
They have to see how comfortable it is sitting in the noisy prop wash, even with a shield in place.
the biggest effort will be putting the polar bear into the aircraft.
It wastes too much power with such a small rotor. It needs 2 10' in diameter rotors which would double the load or triple the range on the same fuel. There is a reason helicopters use large 1 or 2 rotors.
I think that is way cool. I agree with Gilitch, I think the new engine from liquid piston could be used with it; small yet powerful.
Set for takeoff??? It's a few drawings fer chrissakes!
I want to know how they deal with the tricky forward flight dynamics that come with ducted fans. The thing looks like it does an excellent job of going up...
Redmercury`s right ; horizontally it`s got the aerodynamics of a brick. And I`d want a ballistic recovery system.
Ooh, those look fun to shoot around in! I dunno 'bout jumping out of one, though. The only problem will be the hundreds of thousands of dollars they want for one. <sigh> P.S: Oh, look, Algore was wrong again. There's a live, undrowned polar bear!