Waiel Jibrail
its about time they bring inductive dynamic charging to the race tracks
Christopher Porozny
So, slot cars for grown-ups?
Daryl Sonnier
Damn, no \"thumbs up\" button. ---slot cars comment.
If the whole intent of F1 is to green itself, why would F1 choose inefficient inductive energy transfer to power the cars? What\'s the point of replacing internal combustion with another inefficient source of power? And how much energy and resources will it take to retrofit all the tracks with this scheme? Is that is a green strategy? If they want dynamically powered cars fine, just don\'t call it green. Love all the jump-on-the-bandwagon comments above.
While this tech is not a 90% efficiency transfer like charging batteries directly, they have a marginal argument for calling it \"green\" as the dynamic charging is still less polluting that an ICE. So even if they still only get a total \"efficiency\" around 25% there will still be less pollution.
I\'m a strong proponent of this tech because it will allow racing to serve it\'s secondary purpose in the EV market as well by demonstrating cutting edge vehicle technology that will eventually be moved to the public sector. This technology added to modern HOV Low emission vehicle lanes could eliminate range issues by off-boarding the primary energy storage. If a cheap enough system could be developed it could eventually be deployed between cities.
Knowledge Thirsty
Please tell us where the source of power was indicated in this article. Now the power TRANSMISSION may be losing power via heat or attenuation, but unless you can give some hard numbers as to how much, then please keep your trolling comments to yourself and leave us bandwagon-jumpers be.
Not to say it\'s a bad idea, but it is certainly not new. Popular Science Magazine did an article about inductive charging for highway use in the 1970 s I believe. Same technology as used in transformers and old style electric toothbrushes.
Great idea, teflon insulated wire is already used on inductive operated robotic vehicles used in industrial transport systems.
Two issues remain : 1) How to pay for the infrastructure costs and 2) How to power this grid.
The whole premise of 100% EVs seem to ignore the fact that on a large scale deployment, they would place an enormous burden on the existing Electric power generating system(s) and distribution grid. Perhaps above room temperature superconducting cable with rapid deployment of fusion power will save the day. Unfortunately, neither seem to be on the near term horizon.
I\'d love to see it happen. Just don\'t see it happening soon.
I can see it now...those long straightaways at Sepang will be adorned with solar panels and bracketed with a couple of 3Meg windmills...I wonder what the other tracks will think of?
Just another twist of the knife from Big Bad Bernie! How much longer will the sheep allow him to last???
I\'m in favor of this, but not for environmental reasons. It would eliminate pit stops for refueling. That would put more emphasis on the drivers\' abilities, which used to be the main focus in racing.
Some posters are commenting on F1 and this inductive power idea, which F1 is NOT promoting or implementing.