Leonard Foster Jr
Bring back Aptera.
Guaranteed to clean up so long as the styling doesn't suck...
I hope Dyson's design uses a separate chassis, which will form the basis of a range of vehicles in the future.
I want to go on record as having trademarked Dyson's marketing slogan for the vehicle, should it ever go into production:
"Dyson. Our Cars Don't Suck"™
Joe J Sinkwitz
Sure hope the thing lasts more than 20 minutes on the road.... I'm lucky if I can get at least 20 minutes out of my EXPENSIVE Dyson animal vacuum.
...expensive cyclonic vacuum cleaners...(expensive) blade-less fans and an (expensive) hair dryer...
Add (expensive) electric car...Dyson is an innovator and this is not surprising.
Is the vehicle shown a street sweeper?
Martin Hone
Seriously ? the best we can come up with is a pic of a vacuum cleaner !
alan c
Most interesting for me is the mention of the Dyson cyclonic diesel filter; I exhibited an invention at an exhibition where the Dyson filter was on display, and I thought it was a great idea but there was no legislation at the time to enforce its' use so now we have diesel DPF problems when we could have had a passive filter. The waste could have been dealt with by treating it as an asset and sending it to a CHP facility with your domestic waste. As for the Dyson vehicle, it will use a switched reluctance motor, which will be Dyson's USP which does not need rare earth magnets.
S Michael
Like all of their other products. Overprice and under performance. No thanks.