If I paid 11 pounds for a new lamp each year, I could achieve the same result, and, the remaining amount would earn interest toward the next lamp. In 37 years, the led might still be functional, but I doubt if the rest of the lamp would be. Would I spend 399 pounds on a desk lamp? No. Good luck to Dyson.
Agree, these guys may bring a few devotes and social climbers but, to be brutally honest their engineering sales pitch is just a little weak in view of their leaky vacuum cleaners which tend to suck very well but, unfortunately, spew dust from either the intake area or unsealed dirt catchers (not sure which but have seen the results). I'd like to think that a bloodly LED lamp should be $12.00, given the cost of the materials used. Very good of them to have put a rounded end on it though - eye safety and all that...
Fretting Freddy the Ferret pressing the Fret
Surely this isn't the answer to cost-effective cooling the LED lamps, and until there is one, I can't imagine this sort of system being in anybody's house.
Bob Flint
Won't last a week before it gets knocked aside and damaged, maybe a gooseneck would survive longer, and forget the $610 US only a few dumb enough to buy this overpriced, under designed so called solution.
It's been 37 years since they invented this light? Why do we only find out about it now? LOL. Yeah, they know it will last 37 years....
ha too expensive what happens if you don;t have the thing oriented the way it expects? like sideways, vertically or upside down? does it still even work?
who do i call 36 years from now?
how do they solve [or do they even warranty] the little known fading problem?
ALL LEDs fade with time, heat or not
Kevin Ritchey
Have to agree with the gentlemen here. Dyson's son must have been dropped as a child to think anyone in their right mind is going to pay $610 for a couple of aluminum sticks with some LEDs glued in. Cost to manufacture: about $6. Idiots.
Some idiot will buy it
Douglas Bennett Rogers
Something is amiss! Most LEDs advertise 60 yr. life! And they need to last that long for payback!
Bill Bennett
My home is 100% LED lighting, I have a recessed flood light that I just leave on over the kitchen sink, costs $0.66 per year for the electricity.