This vehicle has an interesting controversy surrounding it in addition to its looks. The company is using an new kind of engine that is virtually identical to one that has a 10+ year old patent on it.
Depending on how that legal battle goes it may be banned in US markets.
The sliding-door model shown is a show-only concept, not representative of the models the company has proposed for development & production. There seem to be some weaknesses there, too - although I love the concept of a $10,000 awd simple car with a hybrid regenerative braking system.
The design is based around a 2km electric range on a capacitor bank. Really? That alone would be a huge technical leap. I hope it happens, but I think Mazda will be first.
Dual-fuel natural gas operation is already in use on millions of vehicles around the world, and highly desirable in the Russian climate. The initially-planned rotary vane engine looked great as a concept, but since it only functioned as a generator, the system was probably capable of retro-fitting with a conventional piston engine anyway.
Natural gas fuels a diesel-operation engine just as well as a spark-ignition one - maybe better. A petrol ICE with variable displacement and valve timing can approach a diesel's efficiency by running without throttling losses. With either one, wouldn't it make sense to connect the engine to the wheels through a simple CVT [no kick-down, ratio related only to road speed] , and improve regenerative braking in doing so?
Drive by one electric motor on each axle would allow differentials to be done without, but I can't help wondering if one motor per wheel would be better for ABS and stability control purposes.
The 5 door hatchback model looks like the intended volume model - but for the target market and price, a smaller hatch opening would be better for rigidity and crash testing. The van model's over-long rear overhang would subject the rear-suspension to an excess laden/unladen weight variation, severely affecting its stability. It would be a much more serious proposition with an extended wheelbase, and a monocoque designed to fit that - and build a taxi and minivan. The coupe's huge hatchback to a tiny interior looks like an expensive mistake, excessive rake generating lift and turbulence; a more vertical rear window and tapering sides would be roomier, lighter and better aerodynamically.
Even with the limit of 2km electric range... I wish the Volt was more like this.
Badger Watkins
You have to roll down the windows every time you open the door?? Stupid design. :(
Bill Bennett
Spot on VirualGathis
Look this link
Interesting, but didn't Dodge have a viable entry in 2008 with the Zeo?
This is an original looking car. Go ahead Russia show Japan they're not the only ones who can build weird. Still, I like the doors. It's a shame no matter who builds a concept, the concepts are never built. It looks like a spacious honda civic sized car sort of.
Charlie Nudelman
yes, and MYT engine is is virtually identical to these:
(please... plagiarism? sure? but to who...? )
This Russian car should run on vodka thereby suggesting a better name.
My name is Vod Cah (Boston accent is applicable). A Vod Cah would essentially run on potatoes/spuds. Environmentally friendly green energy and imagine the great headlines. Another benefit, Russians would have to drink less or not be able make it home. Fewer DUI's.
@grtbluyonder, Great idea since a cheap gallon of vodka may be bought for less money than a gallon of gasoline in the USA. A back yard distiller could be the new addition to my home.