The front wheel is on backwards.....
very observant DemonDuck... I had to go back to see what you meant...
If it uses a tenth of the material, how is it only 65% lighter?
Bill Bennett
DemonDuck You do have a valid point,, ya think you will every hear a reply about it? yeah, I agree
It looks wonderful and love the white color....
Thing is, how do you get your hands on one ? And where\'s the brakes ? Surely brakes are a must ? Or do you brake by spinning the pedals backwards ?
It\'s great that these kind of innovations are happening, but why must they always be presented in such ugly, and unappealing ways?
Rustin Lee Haase
Its very cool to \"print\" a bicycle, but why is the EADS doing this? I suppose it would be parallel to NASA doing it, but it certainly has nothing to do with defense. I\'m sorry, there is nothing scary about a platoon of soldiers coming at you on their plastic bicycles. :-)
That said, this is a great achievement. I\'ve been a fan of 3d printing for some years now and am thrilled at watching it develop. Makerbot units can be had for ~$1K. Its lots of fun and is becoming increasingly relevant. I imagine that some day we will have systems at home that print almost all of our stuff and we will have to pay to get the exceptional stuff only like microchips or other things that are difficult to manufacture. We would do the easy stuff at home. Modern 3d printers use ABS and PLA plastic mainly. Incidentally PLA is an agricultural product, so when you make stuff with that, you are going green too.
Very cool...Gizmag should keep watching this kind of technology. :-)
Lawrence Lagarde
Local manufacture sure would take the air out of the Chinese econonmy.
The bike must be a fixie.
I bet that saddle\'s hard on the butt.
Lawrence, I could only dream that you are correct, but I feel the reality will be that it will be the Chineese that manufacture it for the masses.