My instinctive reaction is : how strong can the wind be in the NYC area ? Wouldn't want to be in one of those on a bad day.
I think that would be a cool way to get around New York City. It might be a reason for those to visit NYC.
I think it would be cool if there was one to New Jersey so the traffic coming and going to / from New Jersey could be lessened.
I have a more practical solution. Don't live in an overcrowded city. Seriously, people need to spread out more. Everyone's getting in each other's way and annoying each other.
high speed nonsense is spewing out of the mouth of this website. source: new yorker who used to take the tram to roosevelt island regularly.
trams are slow expensive garbage that load and unload slow as hell. but they do give a great view over the river...
the only way something this stupid will get done is with massive corrupt payoffs, which means the politicians have to work very hard to convince the public that this isn't the stupidest idea ever. as stupid as the nyc public is, they woudlnt' fall for this kind of idiocy. for that kind of stupid , you need to go to california. how else do you think they paid billions of dollars for a high speed train that will never ever get built/opened.
Little T.
NYC already has a Tramway installed, it's called the Roosevelt Island Tramway. Maybe the MTA should work on the G, L and F lines before putting more commuters in the air.
Where would the power to operate the gondolas come from, moving the emission source does not remove it.
@ Chevypower The dense city is energy efficient even if it is not for you.
5,000 passengers per hour.... well that's really going to make a difference!
Rann Xeroxx
I just envision these with all that graffiti we see on the rail cars coming out of Detroit.
Good idea. Takes low amount of materials to build. cost to run, little clean power needed to run vs a bridge, tunnel as almost no friction other than ball bearing metal pulleys except the drive ones.
Once going close to capacity just add more. And it'll be a great hit with tourists and locals just for the views besides commuters .
This concept is about 15 years old. It has been presented before in NYC. Nothing new here.