Richard Auchus
Fantastic job! And for a reasonable price, too!
Bob Komarek
Very good idea. It will change snorkeling forever.
Id'e totally get and support this.
The Skud
I love this idea! However with my sinking V floating prowess, I would need a PFD of some sort so I could achieve neutral buoyancy. It is no good breathing normally if you gradually sink below the height of the intake tube!
Tim Read
I think this would only be for use at the surface... try diving down a few meters and the increase in pressure on the face would be quite uncomfortable.
It's a very interesting idea and speaking as an asthmatic who struggles with a normal snorkel I will be keen to give this new device a try, however I take Tim Reads' point with respect to pressure changes.
Glen Jacobsen
What consideration has been made for corrective lenses? Would they be glued to the inside of the mask?
I think this will open up snorkeling to a whole new group of people. I think the price is reasonable.
I'll buy one for the kid and I. This is the same price we got for our traditional snorkels that my son broke is on the very first trip... and no-refunds!
Solves some of the problems, but if the company is reading this, I've got a few suggestions as a design engineer.
Don Duncan
I might start snorkeling again. The price is right.