Whether you’re a boater, sports fan, or obnoxious prankster the EcoBlaster rechargeable air horn can meet all your high-decibel needs without the wasteful, eco-unfriendly drawbacks of traditional air horns. Most air horns use disposable aerosol cans to provide the oomph for their audible blasts. When the can is empty, you toss it in the trash and get another. The EcoBlaster, on the other hand, features a reusable, refillable air chamber. You can refill the air chamber as often as you like using the included pump, a bicycle pump, or compressor.

A full charge of air should provide about 70 horn blasts, which ought to get you through the first half of the game even if your team is winning. The EcoBlaster’s volume is adjustable up to 115dB. For more practical applications, the EcoBlaster meets US Coast Guard regulations for nautical use.

The EcoBlaster Recharegeable Air Horn is available for USD$29.98.